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Smart-TV, manchmal auch Hybrid-TV, ist die Bezeichnung für Fernsehgeräte mit Computer-Zusatzfunktionen, insbesondere Internet-Fähigkeiten. Smarte Fernsehgeräte haben Zusatzschnittstellen wie USB, Netzwerk, WLAN und Speicherkarten. Die wichtigste. Alle wichtigen Funktionen sowie TV-Einstellungen lassen sich mit Smart Hub zentral steuern. Hinweis: Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Fernseher mit dem Internet. Mit dem SmartHub schneller den TV steuern. By Stefan Tappert, So sieht der neuen Samsung Smart Hub aus. Dass Samsung dem Thema Smart-TV große Bedeutung beimisst, sieht man schon an der prominent platzierten bunten Taste auf der Fernbedienung, die dem. Mit einem Samsung-Smart-TV bekommt ihr mehr als nur das herkömmliche TV-​Programm auf den Fernsehbildschirm. Die Steuerung.

smart hub

Bei Problemen mit den Apps auf eurem Samsung Smart-TV kann es helfen, das Smart Hub zurückzusetzen. Wie das genau funktioniert. Smart-TV, manchmal auch Hybrid-TV, ist die Bezeichnung für Fernsehgeräte mit Computer-Zusatzfunktionen, insbesondere Internet-Fähigkeiten. Smarte Fernsehgeräte haben Zusatzschnittstellen wie USB, Netzwerk, WLAN und Speicherkarten. Die wichtigste. Alle wichtigen Funktionen sowie TV-Einstellungen lassen sich mit Smart Hub zentral steuern. Hinweis: Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Fernseher mit dem Internet.

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After that, they key to any smart home hub is determining how complex you can make the interactions between various smart home devices.

For instance, if a hub only lets you create rules based on the time of day or when you speak a command, then that's pretty limited.

The best smart home hubs will let you do much more, such as changing their status based on your location or what happens when another smart home device turns on or off.

We look to see how sophisticated we can make these rules and routines, and the ease with which we can create them. Lastly, we test the routines we create to see how well they work.

Tom's Guide. The best smart speakers Start saving energy: The best smart light bulbs right now For example, a smart home hub can know when you're arriving home when it senses your smartphone, and automatically open your garage door, turn on your lights, change the thermostat, and even turn on your smart speaker to your favorite station.

What are the best smart home hubs? Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 The best smart home hub overall. Can stream only from Apple Music other services require AirPlay.

Siri is very limited compared with Alexa and Google Assistant. Topics Smart Home. See all comments Among all the hubs, we found the Echo Dot as the best bet.

Low cost and absolutely amazing range of functionalities provided! I wouldn't call the Alexa product line a "hub" as much as an interface.

Each smart device needs some other device that Alexa can send commands to. As far as I know, Alexa doesn't communicate directly with any smart plug, outlet or thermostat.

Bob - Actually, there are a number of devices that Alexa can directly send commands to - if a device can connect via Wi-Fi to your home network, it generally doesn't need any other intermediary.

But that is not a hub. It is still an interface. Sounds like you're talking about devices that don't require a hub.

Alexa, Dot and Google Home are not hubs. They are Virtual Assistants or Smart Speakers. Refer to the recent review from Dealerscope mag.

They are initiating the apps commands indirectly. None of this action is completed by Echo or Dot or Google home directly.

Conversely, Smartthings and Wink have devices connected directly to them and issue commands from the app directly to the device.

This is what a hub does. So does my wife. But they are not hubs. My 2 cents. Then I read after that realization that it's confirmed the software is full of security holes.

OK enough of that! The programming on this hub is supposed to be easy enough for a "homeowner" to program it.

Well I've done significant programming in the past and the programming for Smart Apps and Devices is extremely difficult!

Written in Groovy, a Java based language that's "Full of beans". I pulled examples out of the documentation with their convenient copy button and it didn't function!

It just spit out multiline error messages mostly unreadable! This router lets you connect all your smart devices to one place, allowing you to control all the devices through the SmartThings app for iOS or Android.

The Google Home Max combines big smarts with big volume. Packed inside its streamlined profile are a pair of 4.

And when you crank the volume, it really shines, delivering high, undistorted volume with a booming bass. And it's easy to set up. Just plug in the speaker to a power supply, open up the Google Home app, and it will walk you through the steps to get your speaker up and running.

The built-in Google Assistant makes it a two-in-one product. The Home Max is also capable of recognizing up to six different voices, synchronizing music between rooms, and playing music from a multitude of streaming services.

Lenovo's Smart Display is fully voice-controlled. Treat it as a hub for your home, commanding it to turn smart lights on or off, adjust thermostats, or display feeds from smart home cameras.

The 1. With a inch touchscreen display, the Google Nest Hub Max is interactive and easy to use.

The crisp display and far-field microphone make it perfect for video calls with friends and family. Equipped with voice activation and built-in Google Assistant, the Nest Hub Max is hands-free and perfectly complements a busy living environment.

Google Assistant also makes it easier to personalize the home screen with your calendars, reminders, and traffic reports on your commute.

The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow the smart hub to seamlessly sync up with the other smart devices in your home such as smart thermostats, lights, and entertainment systems.

This smart hub is also fitted with powerful stereo speakers, complete with a 3-inch woofer, that can be used to enjoy music, watch YouTube videos, or even listen to recipes while you prepare dinner.

Installation is simple, as the Nest Hub Max can sit on just about any flat surface in your home.

Wall mounting options are also available from Amazon. The latest Amazon Echo Plus comes standard with a seamless protocol that lets it function as a true smart hub: Zigbee.

The Echo Plus's Zigbee support allows it to more directly and seamlessly control devices like smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, making it a widely-compatible and user-friendly choice for a smart hub.

The Echo Plus is technically a follow-up to the original Amazon Echo, but it does bring with it a few new design features.

First of all, you now have your choice of three different neutral colors: charcoal, heather gray, and a very light gray called "sandstone" on Amazon.

It looks a bit more premium, blends in with all kinds of decor, and with that signature gradient light ring on the top, it fits in with the rest of the Echo line.

But the real standout feature here, in our eyes, is the speaker setup. The smaller Amazon Echos sometimes struggle with quiet, thin sound quality.

What this bigger speaker will most likely amount to is a louder, fuller sound that will more adequately fill a room. The newest generation of Echo Dot gives you a pretty solid amount of features without breaking the bank.

You do end up sacrificing the Zigbee smart home connectivity and the massive speaker set of the new Echo Plus the speaker size here is 1.

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Diskutiere auch gerne mit uns in den Kommentaren. Neu bei Zattoo? Sie waren einige Zeit inaktiv. Mit mSpy Handys überwachen: Geht das und ist das legal? Samsung Electronics Facts. Überprüft hierfür eure Internetverbindung. Wenn sich bestimmte Apps nicht mehr öffnen lassen oder euch ständig Fehlermeldungen auf eurem Wollersheim sofia Smart-TV angezeigt werden, kann es helfen, das Smart Hub auf die Werkseinstellungen und die lieb. Genres: Technologieunternehmen. Antwort abschicken. Ja Nein. Antwort abschicken. Reviews Review Policy. The Alexa functionality is present here, too, allowing you can stream music, run searches, or teach it up to 50, different skills from Amazon's ever-expanding library. Read our full Apple TV 4K review. Sla in dat geval stap. Druk op enter. Read our full Hubitat Elevation review. With a simple setup that can have you online and connected to link to eight devices within minutes, the Harmony Hub works great with your TV, satellite, cable box, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku, game consoles and. It even has smart hub home monitoring component, which can send you an alarm, record video, turn on lights, play sounds, and unlock your doors in the event of a smoke or fire alarm. Pick a perfect smart home check this out. Antwort abschicken. Genres: Technologieunternehmen. Die Einrichtung funktioniert wie folgt:. Diskutiere auch gerne mit uns in den Kommentaren. Confirm. white gold does auch gerne mit uns in den Kommentaren. Bei der Suche nach einem Fernseher kommt heute die Frage auf: investiere ich in einen neuen Fernseher bzw. Vorherige Click here Nächste Seite Seite Bananenstecker: Bauformen, Verwendung, Nachteile Click at this page das Smart-TV benutzt einfach deinen Internetvertrag, den du für click at this page zu Go here abgeschlossen hast. Falls euch eine bestimmte Anwendung fehlt, könnt ihr diese zusätzlich auf dem Samsung-Smart-TV installieren. So gibt es eine App mit Fitness-Instruktionen, ein sowie einen umfassenden Kinderbereich. In seltenen Fällen ist der Dienst vorübergehend offline, so zum Beispiel im Februar

See upgrade deals. Activate and manage your inclusive extras, like online security, free BT Wi-Fi and cloud storage. Log in to My BT.

How to set up your hub, improve your wi-fi, fix common issues and more. Go to hub help. We're always investing in technology to give you faster broadband speeds — even at peak times — and we always give you the best broadband speed possible on your line.

It uses fibre optic technology to deliver superfast broadband with average speeds of 67Mb which lets you do more online, with everyone online together.

This means there's no more battling for bandwidth, even in the busiest home. It's great for downloading or streaming movies, TV shows and music.

You can watch iPlayer with less interruption and HD video with less buffering. You'll also need fibre broadband to be able to get some of our TV packages.

You may cancel your agreement for the service and order for equipment within 14 days from your service start date or the day you receive your order confirmation or your equipment is delivered, if this is later.

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We will refund anything you have already paid for the equipment but may deduct the relevant costs where damage has occurred to the equipment and it is not in its original condition.

Your upload speed is the speed that you can upload things to the internet for example, posting photos to social media.

You can test the speed to your hub in My BT. You can make a claim up to four times a year. See bt.

Please see our privacy policy for more information about how we use your personal information and how to contact us if you have any queries relating to our use of your information.

BT sends additional discs to guarantee at least 10 Mbps in every room of your home. Sky send one additional disc and guarantee 3 Mbps or money back.

To verify e-mail fibre bt. The guarantee only applies when your Smart Hub2 is connected to the internet and it does not cover broadband faults.

For full terms see bt. Your actual speed will depend on your location, phone line, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day.

Our Fibre broadband is subject to availability, geographic location, computer specifications and a line check.

The exchange list and dates are subject to change. Terms apply. Your actual speed will depend on home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day.

Openreach Survey: In some cases Openreach have to carry out a survey before they can connect a home to Full Fibre. To do this they may need access to your property.

If additional work is required, this may take longer than the initial set-up time provided and there could be additional costs.

Our team of specialists will contact you to confirm what additional work is needed and how long this will take, usually within four weeks from the date your order was placed.

Not all lines in an ultrafast Fibre area can support this service, call today to see if you are eligible.

Plans for use in fixed location only. Our Price Promise: annual price changes still apply. Mobile network coverage required.

Applies for the duration of your fault only. Fastest 4G speed: 4G speeds vary by location, coverage and demand.

See full BT Halo terms. We guarantee the speed to your hub. Check your speed using the MyBT app, online or by calling Up to four claims a year.

You will be responsible for reconnecting any existing devices or equipment you may have. Where this person is not you, it must be someone authorised by you to make decisions regarding the location and installation of equipment.

We work with Openreach to provide installation services if you require a new phone line, and for specific technology changes that require work outside of your property e.

Full Fibre. We will agree a date and timeslot with you for the service. If there is a delay in performing the service for reasons outside of our control then we will let you know and take steps to reduce the delay.

We will not be liable to you for such delays. If we need to change the installation date, we will try to contact you as soon as possible before the scheduled installation date.

If you need to change or cancel any appointment date, you must tell BT at least one working day prior to the scheduled appointment or we may charge the equivalent of the installation charge.

We may also charge you if the engineer is unable to access or is refused access to your property at the time of the scheduled appointment.

You may cancel your agreement for the service at any time before the engineer starts work on the installation. Once the installation work has started any applicable installation charges cannot be refunded, and you will be liable to pay this.

For details of charges please see our Tariff Guide. The Broadband installation service is a standalone service and separate from your contract for the BT Broadband Service.

If the Broadband and TV installation service cannot be provided for reasons outside our control you will not be charged. Applies for the duration of your fault or home move only.

Prices and terms subject to change during the contract term. For new Broadband Unlimited customers that sign up for 24 months.

Payment by Direct Debit. BT Cloud: You need to activate the service yourself. Subject to availability, minimum line speed and computer specification..

For new Fibre Essential Unlimited customers that sign up for 24 months. Subject to availability, minimum line speed and computer specification.

For new Fibre 1 customers that sign up for 24 months. For new Fibre 2 Unlimited customers that sign up for 24 months.

For new Fibre with Halo 2 customers that sign up for 24 months. Subject to availability. For new Fibre customers that sign up for 24 months.

For new Full Fibre customers that sign up for 24 months. For new Fibre Essential customers that sign up for 9 months.

For new Fibre 1 customers that sign up for 9 months. For new Fibre 2 customers that sign up for 9 months.

For new Fibre Essential customers that sign up for 12 months. For new Fibre 1 customers that sign up for 12 months.

For new Fibre 2 customers that sign up for 12 months. You must claim your Reward Card once your broadband is installed and you have 3 months from this date to claim.

Claim your Reward Card by visiting bt. You must activate the card within 3 months of receipt. Following a successful claim, your card will be sent to the broadband installation address.

Please note that Reward cards can also be referred to as BT Reward cards — they are the same thing. BT Fibre speeds referred to are download speeds; speeds affected by various factors including distance from the cabinet, time of day and internal home wiring.

If your line won't support our top speed, we'll offer the best speed available. We'll always offer the best available speed on your line.

BT Virus Protect for 2 devices comes as standard with all our broadband packages, except Halo 2 with Fibre which comes with 15 devices.

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Availability of digital channels and quality of content depends on local transmitter and suitable rooftop aerial www. Payment is by Direct Debit.

Personal use only. NOW TV account required and terms apply. VIP — for those who want everything TV has to offer and more. For Broadband Unlimited customers, taking Essential or Sport: as you will not have sufficient line quality and speed, content is only available in standard definition.

NOW TV bolt-ons will only be available to watch via the app on your set-top-box and compatible devices and not through the electronic programme guide.

Up to 94 Freeview channels including 16 in HD. The latest movies to rent or buy on BT Store. Pause, record and rewind these channels on your BT TV set top box.

All bolt-ons have a monthly minimum term and renew automatically until cancelled. Min line speed and compatible equipment required.

No hayu and limited Kids content available. Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass excluded. Full HD-capable device, compatible home cinema system and broadband min.

If you watch Netflix on a TV box it will not count towards your broadband usage. Watching on your laptop or other device will.

See www. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon. Offer subject to change. Amazon, Amazon Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.

Where calling plans include a set number of minutes we always round up to the nearest minute. Maximum of calls to and numbers.

Includes calls to landlines in 36 International destinations. For residential customers on a BT Calling Plan.

Minimum 1 month term. Fair use policy calls over minutes a month will be charged from 6p a minute and Terms and Conditions apply.

Some regions are included or excluded within countries:. Opt-in is required. No minimum call commitment applies. The call return feature will not be available if the person leaving the message has chosen to withhold their number or if the call was from an international number.

Customers who use Call Barring should note that calls to will be barred under outgoing Call Barring option 1.

This is because calling may lead to a chargeable call. Some social alarm and burglar alarm equipment may not be compatible with BT Answer Please check with your supplier.

Dialling BT without using Call Return is free. The Call Return feature of BT costs a fixed fee of 35p. The fee will apply when you press 3 to return your last caller's call.

This charge applies whether or not the call is connected. If you don't want your number to be obtained through Caller Display or Call Return , dial before making your call.

To block nuisance calls you need the Caller Display service to be active on your account. See landline details. You'll need to pay any additional call charges by Direct Debit.

You'll receive e-billing. Connection charges may apply for new connections. There's a 12 month minimum term. Exclusions and conditions apply.

Available to new and existing BT customers that sign up for an 18 month minimum term. Available to new and existing standard BT line rental customers.

A month minimum term applies for new line rental contracts. You can pay for Line Rental Plus by any method unless you take another service that requires payment by Direct Debit.

Connection charges may apply. PromptCare operates between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays. We aim to repair a fault by midnight on the next working day after you report the fault to us unless a specific appointment date is agreed.

Faults reported after 9pm Monday to Saturday, or anytime on Sundays or on public or bank holidays, will be treated as if you reported the fault at 8am on the next working day.

PromptCare is not available on telephone lines provided using fibre technology. Renews automatically until cancelled. Includes HD content, minimum line speed and compatible device needed.

Maximum of 2 devices may be used simultaneously. Prices and BT Sport content subject to change at any time.

BT Sport is also available on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform for all new and existing BT broadband customers who sign up for 12 months or have 12 months remaining on their contract; ongoing renewal needed to get discounted BT Sport.

Sky box and active viewing card required. Excludes Multiscreen. UK only. There's a one month minimum term. It must be taken with a standard BT Sport subscription.

E-billing required. New month BT Broadband contract required. One discount code per mobile phone purchase.

You must redeem your discount code within 9 months of our order confirmation email. There are two: the original SmartThings app, which has continued to be updated; and Samsung's new Connect app.

The plan is to eventually get everyone over to the latter, but in the meantime it makes things unnecessarily complicated, not least because the Connect app is much less reliable on non-Samsung phones.

It does feel like a hub for the more tech-savvy, but its power is undeniable, and its broad interoperability can't be beat. For more, read our complete guide to the SmartThings ecosystem and check out our reviews of the best Samsung SmartThings compatible devices.

Amazon's Alexa ecosystem is finally a viable smart home system to run your entire set up on. The Works with Alexa platform's incredible reach and array of support make it the best option for those who just want to get control of their multiple devices.

Alexa also lets you create Routines that run based on time of day, voice commands , device-based Routines, geolocation-based routines, and Echo Button-based Routines, helping all your devices work as one.

While you can run Routines on any Echo device, the best hub to do this with is the Echo Show only the big guy, not the 5-inch or 8-inch models.

This is because it has Zigbee support built in, so you can ditch many of those ecosystem hubs and just use Zigbee to pair with a range of devices including the likes of Philips Hue lights, and even sensors like those from SmartThings or Ring Alarm, straight to your Show.

With sensors, Alexa becomes a much more robust smart home system, letting you create Routines that turn on the lights when you enter a room, without having to use your voice.

The Echo Plus speaker also has a Zigbee hub, if you don't want a screen. But the screen gives you a handy interface to control your devices and view live video footage from your cameras or video doorbell, which you don't get with the Plus.

However, right now, Alexa is not quite powerful enough to truly stand alone, in the way the Wink Hub 2 or SmartThings can.

There's the fact it only supports Zigbee no Z-Wave , but even within this Alexa is limited in exactly how much control you can wield over your connected devices, and Routines are not always totally reliable.

For tips on how to use Alexa as your smart home hub read our guide to setting up your Alexa smart home and our guide to using Alexa Routines.

Read our full Amazon Echo Show review. Google is fast catching up to Amazon's Alexa as a bona fide voice assistant-based, smart home hub, but it still lacks a few key features - most notably the ability to have smart home Routines trigger automatically.

However, you can use voice commands, touch and time to have all your gadgets respond, and there are a lot of gadgets that work with Google.

Google is also your best choice if you have Nest products such as the Nest thermostat, Nest Protect smoke alarm, Nest Hello Doorbell and Nest Secure alarm system - as Google and Nest are now one company.

While Google recently killed the Works With Nest program that allowed Nest devices to work with other smart home hubs, Nest products do still work with Alexa, but the Google Nest Hub is the better device to control them with.

Google Nest Hub's Home View, which is a top-down look at your entire smart home, gives you great touch controls for quick access to any connected lights, locks, video streams and thermostats, so no need to use voice or get your phone out if you don't want to.

Plus, it's an excellent digital photo display, and integrates seamlessly with your Google calendar. Today, Google has its Works With Google program, that lets you control thousands of smart home systems and devices through the Google Home app and Google smart speakers using Google Assistant voice commands.

You can turn off lights, adjust your thermostat, lock your door, or have all those things happen at once with a single command, using Google's Routines.

There are still a lot of limitations however, and many of those bajillion integrations are very limited.

But the Google Nest Hub is a good, simple interface for managing your home and your digital life and will likely only get better.

Read our round-up of the best Google Assistant compatible devices to see if it would be a good fit for your smart home, and learn more about how to use it as a smart home hub in our Missing Manual to the Google home.

Read our full Google Nest Hub review. Apple's HomeKit falls between a software hub and traditional hub; there's a small box-like device you need if you want to control your devices while you're out of the house and that runs Automations for you, but you can also just use your iPhone to control any HomeKit compatible devices.

To get the proper HomeKit experience though, you need that box, and the Apple TV is the best hub for the job , as you can use its Remote to summon Siri and it does double duty as a truly excellent set-top streaming box.

There's also an ethernet port which you don't get on the HomePod or iPad for a more reliable connection.

There's no Zigbee or Z-Wave here, pretty much everything runs over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and you'll need separate ecosystem hubs to connect devices like Phillips Hue light and WeMo products.

However, HomeKit's ecosystem is growing and there are a lot more products now, enough to make a pretty decent set up.

Plus, as HomeKit is baked into iOS, there's no confusing new system to learn to use, and you have lots of options for controlling your devices - your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac computer, and of course Siri for voice control through any of those devices.

Setting up Automations and Scenes in HomeKit is really easy to do, and because most of the communications are locally-based they don't have to go the cloud for processing , it's one of the snappier smart home hubs we've tested.

For more on HomeKit read our guide to setting up an Apple smart home. Read our full Apple TV 4K review.

Buy now: control4. Control4 specializes in bespoke connected systems for houses, hotels, business premises, and more, with only authorized dealers able to install and configure the setups.

It's a high-end offering that costs a lot more than kitting your house out with do-it-yourself smart home hubs we've discussed.

But at the same time, Control4 offers reassurance to its customers that they're getting a best-in-class system, with a support network in place for any issues or alterations.

A Control4 system can be configured to control lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC systems, security systems, smart locks, and more.

It uses the likes of Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and is compatible with over 35, devices from a huge collection of brands.

Control4 is designed for people that have both serious money to spend on a high-end smart home automation hub, while at the same time have no interest in dirtying their hands building their own DIY system.

High-prices aside however, it offers its customers absolutely world-class tech in a rock-solid, expert-supported, system. If you're looking for the very best home network or a premium audio experience, Control4 has you more than covered.

Read our full Control4 review. Abode has two versions of its security system, the Essentials Gateway 2nd gen and the Iota - both of which have plenty of smart home bug skills thanks to 4G cellular radios, Z-wave series chips, a Zigbee radio; plus six-hour battery backup and a microSD card.

These are high-end smart security systems first and foremost, with smart home hub functions second.

The integration with Alexa and being able to trigger Alexa Routines with Abode sensors is a big step in the right direction.

Read our full Abode security system review. Yonomi is a smart home hub that works on your smartphone — both iOS and Android versions are available.

It lets you to manage your smart home devices and get things working together. Check out our guide to Yonomi to find out more.

A good example is smart bulbs. You've somehow amassed a collection from three different manufacturers and want them all working in the same room, controlled as one - you need a smart home hub.

A smart home hub's primary purpose is to talk to the internet on behalf of all your devices, giving you the ability to control your house when you're away over the internet.

A hub works by helping your devices talk to each other, acting as a translator for all their different languages or protocols , including Zigbee , Z-Wave , Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others.

For example, with a SmartThings hub you can set up a motion sensor by your front door that works over the Z-Wave protocol, and when it senses motion it can tell the Samsung SmartThings hub, and the SmartThings hub can tell your smart bulbs on the Zigbee protocol to turn on.

These devices can't talk directly to each other as they're small and in some cases battery-powered. Having multiple radio protocols jammed into them would make them bulky, power-hungry devices.

So, instead of giant sensors and ugly smart light bulbs, one small hub packs all the radios and does all the communicating - it's like a switchboard for your home.

There are three types of smart home hubs: traditional radio-packed hubs, voice-assistant hubs and software-only hubs. You may need just one type, possibly two, and if you're going all in - maybe three.

Here's what each type does:.

Bei Problemen mit den Apps auf eurem Samsung Smart-TV kann es helfen, das Smart Hub zurückzusetzen. Wie das genau funktioniert. Fernsehen mit Smart-TVs über Streaming und Apps erklärt. Entwicklungen im Bereich Smart Home, Sprachsteuerung und Fernsehen der Zukunft. Sollten einmal Probleme mit der Internetverbindung Ihres Fernsehers bestehen, können Sie mit einem Verbindungstest eine Diagnose des Problems. smart hub

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